Blue Monday, winter depression, low morale: Global warming may increase the number of victims!

The color of the sky, which carries important weight in establishing this so-called blues day, is truly harmful. First, the energy and morale of people who are more sensitive to the lack of light and therefore absent from work. Also, according to extensive research done in Finland on 12 years of data on sick leave. It was funded as part of the Climate Change and Health Research Programme.

Blue Monday: This is a hoax…but it's nice to be able to complain!

Because the situation is alarming: in some countries near the North Pole, be it Norway, Iceland or Finland, daylight lasts only a few hours in the middle of winter. In late autumn, the number of days off due to illness in Finland is almost twice as high as in summer and a quarter more than in early autumn.

In Finland, in particular, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) hits hard in the winter. They also took on a common name: Camos Depression. Only a proper light therapy recognized by reproducing as much as possible the beneficial effects of light on our brain and our body can overcome this.

Unfortunately more people use it in the Nordic countries. Research suggests that if climate change leads to brighter summers and darker winters in Finland, depression, anxiety and sleep problems will increase in winter as a result of these changes.

9,000 to 40,000 additional suicides in the United States and Mexico

The link between seasonal depression and climate change was not the focus of this research, but other research has already established links between rising temperatures and mental health. For example, research published in 2018 in Nature Climate Change found declines in mental well-being associated with rising atmospheric temperatures. Based on an analysis of depressive language in more than 600 million updated pieces of content from social networks, this large-scale study shows that unmitigated climate change could lead to a total of 9,000 to 40,000 additional suicides in the United States and Mexico by 2050.

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