Blanka Street Fighter 6’s premise is extra AF

Street Fighter 6 It feels like a shot in the arm for Capcom’s long-running fighting series after that Street Fighter V‘s average receptionand a lot of that goes back to How much personality you inject into each frame. One of the best examples of this we’ve seen so far are the personal introductions that happen before each fight – both fighters entering the ring with swagger befitting the series’ legacy. The music is rocking, the crowd is cheering, and every character gets original animations as they walk to their locations. But one entry deserves special Screaming is Blanca, who made me scream, scream, ready to play this damn game.

For starters, Blanca is technically a beast man, but he’s comparable to characters like Beast from the X-Men Caricature In that he’s stuck in a morph while maintaining his humanity after encountering some Electric Snakes. That’s why he has electrical powers. It’s okay, it’s fighting game lore, you don’t need to explain the fake flag. But he’s still quite brutal when he’s fighting, which is most embodied in his country Street Fighter 6 entrance.

Whereas most characters simply walk across the stage while hovering Crowd, Blanca here doing full cartwheels next to the spectators. He might be facing a more stoic character like Ryu who walks confidently to his designated side, but my guy is doing a full gymnastics routine right next to him. I salute any street fighter who can keep his cool and not be stumped quietly during this gratuitous display of athleticism. I can’t help but stan the acrobatic king.

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Street Fighter 6 It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on June 2, but you can already play part of the game’s story mode through the demo that launched on all platforms last month. I played a lot of Street Fighter VAnd while I loved the actual combat, it felt a little sterile on the character front. but Street Fighter 6 He really does pull out all the stops to make every fight feel like an event. It helps the characters feel like more than just HD stick figures you’re throwing at each other, and it’s even more exciting to watch and play. Consider me fascinated.

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