‘Black Adam’ Negative Reviews: Dwayne Johnson May Not Be D.C.’s Savior

The power hierarchy in the DC Universe may be about to change with…black Adam, “But the new film drops farther down Warner Bros.’ critical reputation hierarchy.” The last decade of superhero entries.

With reviews arriving at Dwayne Johnson’s car this afternoon, “Black Adam” currently stands at an average approval rating of 32% from top critics on the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator website (rating among all critics is 54%). Standing, that number would be the lowest such figure for a DC movie since 2017’s “Justice League,” which had an approval rating of 23% from top critics and was so hated among fans that a remastered version was eventually ordered by Warner Bros. “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” formed in 2021.

To some extent positive review for diverseChief film critic Peter Debruge admitted that “the whole point of the film is to give Black Adam a proper big introduction on the assumption that he will face a more deserving opponent soon enough”.

Most others were less receptive to the origin story, although many have highlighted Johnson’s performance as a major force. “Black Adam” marks the first time the star has anchored in a superhero movie – a job that the actor’s fitness and commercial dominance might suggest is inevitable.

In a slight positive review, the Guardian Peter Bradshaw said that “Johnson’s gigantic, planet-sized head and a cunning gift of unbridled humor make him a wonderful superhero.”

write to The Hollywood Reporter, critic John Defsor discussed the star’s long association with “Black Adam,” writing that “his passion project serves the character well, setting them up for adventures one would hope would be less predictable than this.” “

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in IGN Reviewing, Joshua Yehl gave Johnson a “highest score” for “making Black Adam as steely and imposing as in the comics.” But he criticized the film for being “filled with unsophisticated characters and so many repetitive action scenes, that the near-hidden debate about what it means to be a hero gets lost in all the noise.”

rolling rock Senior Editor and Film Critic David Fear writes that “Even the pleasure of watching Johnson enter a huge mold that seems destined to dominate him can make up for how generic, flavorless and incoherent this is.”

in wrap, Alonso Doraldi described the film as “anti-entertainment” and considered it “one of the studio’s most confusing visual stories of superheroes, between offensively unattractive CG and quick editing that sucks the joy out of every fight scene.”

Endeavor Critic David Ehrlich criticized the film, opening his review with the question “What happens when Hollywood’s most risk-averse star collides with Hollywood’s most risk-averse genre?” his answer? “Exactly what you would expect. Only worse. “

ScreenCrush Critic Matt Singer considered the film to be “fairly mediocre” as he wrote that it “plays like a commission-made product designed to bring to life the stagnant DC Extended Universe with a massive star and a host of new heroes to carry on to future films. After two hours of grueling table setting, You are left with a clear direction for the capital’s cinematic future – and much less interest in watching it in real life.”

While promoting Black Adam, Johnson joked that there were bigger battles looming for his eponymous hero. Leaked videos from the movie End of credits scene It also sparked online conversations, offering a hint about who could face Black Adam in the future.

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Besides the title role, Johnson has stated that he envisions himself as Possible ‘advisor’ for DC movies. Under the new leadership of CEO David Zaslav under Warner Bros. Discovery, the upcoming slate of DC films has become a delicate strategic matter, with Zaslav stating that the company is looking for a leader akin to Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige to sponsor the studio’s next decade of comic book content.

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