Bill Nye the Science Guy Shares Tips for a Total Solar Eclipse: 'Be in the Moment'

Parts of 15 US states and more than 31 million people are on Monday Solar eclipse The path of the total eclipse, and millions more are expected to travel to see this rare celestial event.

But what exactly is a solar eclipse? In a clip from the 1997 film “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Nye explained, “An eclipse occurs when the light of the sun is blocked. The Earth casts a shadow on the moon, that's a lunar eclipse. When the moon casts a shadow on the Earth, that's a solar eclipse. It's a party Great for blocking sunlight!

Bill Nyenow CEO of the company Planetary Societya nonprofit organization that supports scientific exploration, joined “CBS Mornings” on Monday from Fredericksburg, Texas, which is on the path to completion.

“It's not like a dark, cloudy day,” Nye said. “The crickets start cricketing. The birds start chirping. You often get a light breeze due to the ground being cold locally. It's amazing!”

Nye stressed the importance Eclipse safety glasses For everyone who plans to watch it.

“These glasses are about 100,000 times darker than sunglasses,” he said of his eclipse glasses. Nye posed as he held the light of his cell phone against the lens of his eclipse glasses. You can't see the light through them.

“This is proof of how dark these things are.”

Bill Nye demonstrates the effectiveness of solar eclipse glasses on CBS Morning ahead of the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8.

CBS News

The science expert encouraged people to take in their surroundings during the celestial event.

“Everyone is trying to be in the moment,” he said.

It's a great shared experience, Nye said.

“You want to experience this thing together and then really absorb it. Don't fool around with your phone, just be there. It's just exciting,” he said.

NASA It is estimated that 99% of people across the country will do so Solar eclipse experience Either partially or completely. The next total solar eclipse in North America is not expected to occur until afterward 2044 and 2045.

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