Best story game on PS5 and PS4 of 2023

our Game of the year Coverage continues with Best story game on PS5 and PS4 of 2023of which the top four positions are compiled by Payment yard Editorial team. This category highlights the best adventures you can embark on from a narrative perspective on PS5 and PS4. With an interesting main plot, great characters, and fun distractions for the main track, they will keep you engaged in their story no matter how long the credits roll.

Game of the Year: Best Story Game on PS5 and PS4 in 2023 2

Final Fantasy Sure it has its highs and lows, but boy is it high when it hits those highs. This is what makes the story of Clive and his companions on this list; A main character who feels that he wants to rid the world of evil. The cutscenes are also always incredible with ridiculous production values, elevating the narrative to a level above its usual level.

Game of the Year: Best Story Game on PS5 and PS4 in 2023 3

There's the traditional way of telling a video game story using cutscenes and character dialogue, and then there's what Remedy is up to. The Finnish developer takes these two staples and goes with them to the city, using more colorful ways to tell an interactive story like FMV and musicals in Alan Wake 2. Introducing Saga Anderson as a co-driving character alongside the famous writer, the two plots can be tackled independently of each other , allowing you to see what Alan is doing in the Dark Place and then switch to Saga in the “real world.” It's an engaging plot throughout, and with its innovative ways, it's one of the most unique takes on how to tell a story in gaming.

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Game of the Year: Best Story Game on PS5 and PS4 in 2023 4

The Yakuza/Like a Dragon series has been focusing on newcomer Ichiban Kasuga for a while now, so veteran protagonist Kazuma Kiryu is set to return in 2024 as Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, what has he been doing in that time since The Song of life? You'll find your answer in Like a Dragon Gaiden, a type of side game designed to fill in the blanks. Let this optional nature take nothing away from the core and emotional story for fans of the franchise.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll still be immersed in the nearly 12-hour narrative documenting the highs and lows of Kiryu's retreat into hiding as his death is faked. A story that will tug at your heartstrings, and it all comes together for a final chapter that won't leave a dry eye in the building. This is why the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series is truly one of the best.

Game of the Year: Best Story Game on PS5 and PS4 in 2023 5

The main goal of Baldur's Gate 3 is actually a very simple one: remove the parasite that the Mind Flayer placed inside your head at the beginning of the game. Otherwise it will turn into one. This goal is just the tip of the iceberg of the largest iceberg in all of gaming, though, as Larian Studios' RPG packs in over 100 hours of exceptional storytelling that puts most of the genre to shame. The adventure finally delivers on the promise of an experience that actually reacts to your decisions and changes the narrative accordingly, with many branches you can take and many endings you can end your story with. Baldur's Gate 3 is perfect for repeat playthroughs as there is so much to see and do, and it tells the best story of all: your story.

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Honorable Mention: Space for the Unbound, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Trails into Reverie, and Trails to Azure.

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