Bengals vs. Ravens highlights, news, spoilers and live updates

For the first time since Week 2, there’s a truly exciting and competitive game scheduled for Monday Night Football.

it’s the truth! The Cincinnati Bengals play the Baltimore Ravens in the beautiful Crab State (which is what Maryland’s title should be), and these are two playoff-caliber teams with something to prove after remarkably similar (and similarly disappointing) losses.

The Bengals, finding their feet after a rough start, lost to C.J. Stroud and the Houston Texans in Week 10 after a back-and-forth affair. QB Joe Burrow and WR Ja’Marr Chase are back as a solid duo after Chase suffered a back injury over the past week. But their defense couldn’t contain Stroud, a legitimate MVP candidate. Cincy’s 30-27 loss wasn’t decided until the game’s final seconds, when Texans’ Matt Amendola kicked his third field goal of the day.

The Ravens lost to the Cleveland Browns in Week 10, also on an away goal. But unlike the Bengals, the Ravens led the Browns throughout the game, until the final seconds. In fact, they led 24-9 a few minutes into the second half, but fell away in the fourth quarter and allowed Cleveland to score 16 points. Baltimore’s 31-30 lead was erased in the final seconds by a field goal and they lost 33-31.

Both teams want to prove that those losses were just small bumps in the road on their journey to the playoffs. But only one team will walk away with a win that soothes the fanbase.

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Follow along as Yahoo Sports provides the latest news, scores and updates as the Bengals and Ravens face off on Thursday Night Football.

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