Belgian assault rifles in the hands of the “International Security Forces”!

There are already 5,000 Belgian FNC assault rifles supplied by FN Herstal, equivalent to the Russian AK-47 assault rifles promised to Ukraine. As one snapshot posted on social media shows, some of these automatic weapons are in the hands of foreign fighters from the “international security forces” created by Ukraine.

As a reminder, on February 28 it was the Ukrainian president who made a global appeal to foreigners ready to take up arms to defend Ukraine against Russia. Since then, about 30,000 volunteers, including about fifty Belgians, have already joined its “International Security Forces” ranks.

“Ukraine has been given weapons to defend itself. It is up to the Ukrainian military to decide which faction will receive them, ”said a spokesman for the defense ministry. Until recently, the FN SCAR was a standard weapon used by the Belgian military.

Ludwig Dedonter added: “Ukraine is facing an illegal invasion that violates its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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