‘Batman’ Headed To Its $100 Million Opening Weekend – Deadline

Warner Bros.“The complete return of the theatrical window, without HBO Max today and date, proves to be a profitable feat. Since it debuted with previews Tuesday night, it’s been Matt Reeves-Orientation Batman Lifted $21.6 million. Between special showtime-only previews, mostly from Imax, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Batman Ring 4 million dollarswhich means that on Thursday it appears after 3 pm $17.6 million. Batman About 3,300 theaters have been reserved for preview, and the number of theaters has risen to 4,217 today.

Warner Bros.

BatmanThursday previews before the capital fare like Justice Squad ($13 million) and amazing woman ($11 million), but less The Dark Knight ($18.5 million), The Dark Knight Rises ($30.6 million) and Batman vs Superman ($27.7 million). Still, Batman It’s in the healthy box office territory and comes at such a wonderful and pivotal time for theaters: It’s pretty much been a year since the New York City and Los Angeles markets reopened; Los Angeles just announced that it has lifted the indoor mask mandate from both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, while New York City will cancel its indoor mask policy on Monday. NRG reported earlier this week that moviegoers who attend cinemas are “very or somewhat relaxed” at 80%, which is one point below its all-time high on July 11, 2021 (81%).

I heard that Warner Bros. got $50 million in presales as of the Thursday before the weekend Robert PattersonStarring a DC movie, it’s not front-loading, with strong ticket sales expected on Saturday, not just today. Imax-only previews sold out on Tuesday. Warners ran previews Tuesday and Wednesday to generate heat as the movie was believed to have, allowing fans to be the first to see it.

Where does this leave Batman? Batman vs Superman Released a week before the Easter holiday in 2016, it saw Thursday previews account for 34% of its first Friday’s $81.55 million opening, which translated to an opening of $166 million. The Dark KnightThursday grossed 28% of its first day’s $67.1 million, and that movie grossed a total of $158.4 million in three days. So it is possible to look at the first Friday for Batman At least 60 million dollars.

Reeves’ close to three-hour movie isn’t making anyone sleep: Thursday night’s PostTrak polls show 4 1/2 stars, 88% positive, and 73% a huge recommendation. Men over the age of 25 led the attack with 42% Batman With a score of 86%, men under the age of 25 liked it with a 90% positive score, women over the age of 25 got 17% with a score of 85% while women under 25 represented 14% of the audience with a 95% score. Inclusive, BatmanPreviews are built on Demo 18-34, the basis of the movie business, which is featured by 68%. Those over the age of 45 represented 11% of the audience, while those over the age of 35 represented 25%. PostTrak polls saw nearly half of the audience watch Batman in the regular theater, while 24% were in IMAX, and 23% were in the PLF auditorium. Seventy-six percent of the audience purchased tickets online, as opposed to 24 percent in the theater.

Twenty percent bought tickets for Batman A week ago, 23% were within the past week, 16% the day before they saw the picture, while 40% bought tickets the day they saw the movie.

Among the regular films shown on Thursdays, Sony Unknown It took first place with $1.09 million in 4,275 theaters, ending its second week with $29.1 million and a total of $89.2 million. MGM / UAR’s dog It saw $640,000 on Thursday, with a second week worth $13.2 million and a total of $33.9 million.

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