Ayo Edebiri said J.Lo's entire career is a “scam” before SNL

Ayo Edebiri in November 2023.
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

  • A video has surfaced of actress Ayo Edebiri saying Jennifer Lopez's career is a scam.
  • Fans of the actress came to her defense.
  • The pair are scheduled to appear together on “Saturday Night Live” tonight.

Troops rally behind their favourite “Irish” “The Bear” star actress, Ayo Edebiri, after a clip of her talking about him Jennifer Lopez A decades-long singing career has resurfaced.

Before Edbury”“Saturday Night Live” Hosting a concert alongside musical guest Lopez, TMZ is back Clip of the actor “Bottoms” on “Goddess of fraud” Podcast from 2020 says Lopez's career was a 'long scam' in conversation about 'I'm Real' singer Super Bowl LIV performance.

Edibiri said Lopez “thinks” she's singing in many of her songs, but “it's not her” — echoing claims that Lopez uses ghost singers in her songs.

“I think she thinks she's still good even though she's not singing most of these songs,” Edebiri tells host Lacey Mosley, who agreed with the actor.

It's not clear why TMZ resurfaced the clip, but some X users didn't take long to defend Edebiri.

“TMZ can't be beat Ayo Edbury Or block her bag. That lady is protected by God, the Republic of Ireland, millions of Nigerian WhatsApp accounts, and the truth itself because where is the lie here.” X's post reads.

Edebiri isn't the first person to say J.Lo can't sing. Rumors have been circulating since Lopez's early days, with fans claiming that Lopez uses ghost singers. Other artists like Ashanti And Christina Milian They also said that Lopez relied on their vocals when Producing her musicWhich further fuels the rumours.

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“Desperately trying to spark a scandal from someone who says JLo can't sing is like trying to spark a scandal from someone who says Gal Gadot can't act,” one user on this site wrote. X said.

Some came to Lopez's defensedemanding that the Grammy-nominated singer receive more respect.

As for Lopez's reaction, the singer stated this in previous interviews She was injured Accusations that she cannot sing, but she has ignored this until now.

at recent days The trailer for “SNL” has been released.The couple seemed friendly, Edebiri said Lopez“I love everything about you.”

We'll see if Edebiri's comments become some hilarious source material for an SNL opening monologue — or if Jenny from the Block will return again.

Representatives for Edebiri and Lopez did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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