Dassault Business Aviation Annual Report 2018
The Board of Directors met yesterday under the chairmanship of Mr. Eric Trappier and approved the...
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Dassault Business Aviation Annual Report 2018

Dal Kikin
March 4, 2019

The Board of Directors met yesterday under the chairmanship of Mr. Eric Trappier and approved the 2018 financial statements. The audit procedures were performed and the audit report for certification purposes is being issued.

Eric Trappier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation, stated: "Above all, 2018 will be remembered for Serge Dassault's passing away. His passion, his tenacity, his vision, his patriotism stay in our hearts and our history. We are grateful to his memory as to our founder's Marcel Dassault. Our task is to carry on their legacy.

Executive jet programs:

• the order intake of 42 Falcon in 2018 (52 orders and cancellation of the last 10 Falcon 5X). In 2017, ?38 Falcon were ordered (41 orders and 3 Falcon 5X cancellations),

 • the delivery of 41 Falcon,
 • the official launch of the Falcon 6X program, in early 2018 for an entry into service scheduled in 2022. The program development is in line with the schedule: the primarily development stage has been completed; first structural parts are being manufactured. Tests on the PW812D engine are also on time: 4 engines are being tested and 120 hours were run on a flying test bench. Design shelves have been set up in Saint-Cloud and Merignac in cooperation with our industrial partners,
 • the Falcon 8X which demonstrated its long range capacity (Singapore - London in 14 hours) is still an unmatched aircraft in terms of comfort and is acknowledged for being the most silent aircraft on the market,
 • the certification of Electronical Flight Vision System operational gains of up to 100 feet for approaches in poor weather conditions with the FalconEye system for Falcon 7X, Falcon 8X, Falcon 2000LX and Falcon 2000LXS; FalconEye system certification for Falcon 900LX is in progress,
 • the new service offer for a broadband connectivity such as "FalconConnect", an integrated management solution for communications and data exchanges between aircraft and ground networks,
 • in Customer Support , Dassault Aviation was first in several categories of the Aviation International News (AIN) ranking (#1 Overall Average, #1 AOG Response, #1 Warranty Fulfillment, #1 Parts Availability, #1 Overall Aircraft Reliability, #1 Technical Reps). Besides, the Falcon Response offer which includes 2 dedicated Falcon, has performed 191 missions (1,395 flight hours),
 • the future Falcon is in progress: marketing and technical studies are ongoing,
 • the development of a high-quality customer support network, by the acquisition of service centers strengthening our footprint, in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle-East.

The Group plans to deliver 45 Falcon in 2019. 

Falcon programs:

2018 Falcon orders totaled EUR 2,314million versus EUR 2,384 million in 2017 (IFRS 15 pro forma).

42 Falcon were ordered in 2018 (52 orders and cancellation of the last 10 Falcon 5X). In 2017, 38 Falcon were ordered (41 orders and 3 cancellations of Falcon 5X).

2018 Falcon's net sales amounted to 2,599 million Euros compared to 3,001 million Euros in 2017 (IFRS 15). Sales were affected by fewer new delivered aircraft.

41 new Falcon was delivered in 2018 (in accordance with our guidelines for 40 deliveries of Falcon), compared with 49 in 2017.