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COMAC presented CBJ business jet based on ARJ21 at the ABACE2019

Dal Kikin
April 18, 2019

The State Corporation for Civil Aircraft of China (COMAC) at the business aviation exhibition which opened yesterday in Shanghai, Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE) presented its first business aircraft. It is based on the regional model ARJ21-700, the company said. The aircraft capable of carrying from 12 to 29 pass. at a distance of 5,500 km, was named COMAC Business Jet (CBJ).

"COMAC is committed to providing customized conversion and batching solutions for global business jet customers, as well as providing design and support for modifying CBJ business jets along with excellent strategic partners. and other services." - Yang Yang, deputy director of marketing and sales at COMAC

The CBJ business jet has a larger cabin in the same model, which can fit 12 to 29 seats, and can flexibly furnish a VIP bedroom, sitting area, conference area, meeting area and dining area according to individual needs. customers. Relatively independent functional interval. The cabin is equipped with a comfortable 330-degree rotating 21-inch seat, positioned in a world-class interior and an improved interactive entertainment system. 55dB noise reduction creates a quiet cockpit environment.

Currently, the new regional passenger airliner ARJ21 operates smoothly, safely operated for more than 10,000 hours, transported more than 320,000 passengers, and the number of operators is gradually increasing. Since 2018, COMAC has maintained business relations with a number of potential customers. CBJ with a number of potential customers, and also has in-depth discussions on procurement and subsequent modes of operation and support programs. China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. will always adhere to "customer-oriented", constantly improve the customer service system, self-improve, work hard and constantly improve service support and operational support capabilities.