Austria: Twelve-year-old girl accused of sexual assault by 17 teenagers

“Between February and June 2023, the incidents took place in stairwells, toilets, a garage, in a hotel or in the home of the perpetrators,” a police official told reporters in the underprivileged neighborhood south of Vienna. , Florian Finda .

Two of them were under the age of 14 and not criminally responsible.

All known to police for other crimes, they have been charged with various sex crimes and making images of sexually assaulting a minor.

Thirteen of them were heard on Thursday and partially denied the facts.

The accused and the victim, both Austrian nationals, first exchanged affection through a young woman. Later she interacted with other boys.

They shared videos of the acts through social networks, and one of them is suspected of threatening to broadcast the images if the victim refused. But, according to the police, nothing was distributed on the Internet.

Fearing retaliation, the young woman kept quiet before finally telling her mother in October, who immediately filed a complaint. His safety has been assured, police said.

The investigation should be transferred to the state attorney's office responsible for shedding light on this rare case in this low-crime country.

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