AUSTRALIAN women admire the attractive Frenchman who took on Sydney shopping center killer Joel Cucci

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A French man who picked up a plastic pole and bravely confronted the knife-wielding maniac who killed six people in an Australian mall has been told he can stay in the country as long as he wants – as Australian women swoon over his heroic actions.

Damien Guerot, known online as 'Barricade Man', confronted Joel Cauchi during his mad rampage on Saturday, stopping him in his tracks on an escalator by aiming the heavy base of the pole directly at him.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Girrot, whose visa expires in a month, can stay in Australia as long as he wants and is someone the country would welcome when he becomes an Australian citizen.

Damien Giroud has been praised for his heroic actions in stopping Joel Cauchi in his tracks on Saturday.

“I say this to Damien Giroud – who is dealing with visa applications – that you are welcome here, and you are welcome to stay as long as you want,” Albanese told reporters on Tuesday.

“This is someone we would welcome when he becomes an Australian citizen, although of course that will be a loss for France.”

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton agreed, saying Girrott – who was seen on surveillance footage putting his life on the line to try to stop the Cauchi stabbing, “embodies the Anzac spirit”. reported.

Australian women welcomed the decision, with many taking to the Internet to express that the country “needs more heroes like him.”

“I wonder if #Pollardman He knows how many of us want to give him a big hug. “He and all the other brave souls who helped put an end to this mentally disturbed man,” one person wrote.

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The exchange between Cauchi and Guerot was captured on surveillance footage.

“Hot Pollard Man! Buddy, if you need a spouse visa I’m available. One chime.

Officials say Guerot's actions stopping Cauchi on the escalator may have saved lives.

Cauchi, 40, was killed shortly after being shot by an officer after stabbing at least 14 people – most of them women – during his afternoon rampage in Bondi Westfield.

Guerot was told he could stay in Australia for as long as he wanted. damien-guirot-linkedin

Five of the six people who were stabbed to death were women. A number of others were injured, including a child.

Authorities had previously said the attack was linked to Cauchi's “mental health” and that he was already known to police but had not been arrested or charged in his home state of Queensland.

Queensland Police said he had been moving around for several years and was diagnosed with an unconfirmed mental illness when he was 17 years old.

Crazy attacker Joel Cauchi killed six people in an Australian mall. AFP via Getty Images

The victims were identified by friends and family members:

  • Becceria Darcia, 55-year-old artist and designer
  • Ashley Judd, 38, is a new mother who works as a physical therapist
  • Dawn Singleton, 25, is an e-commerce assistant whose father is millionaire businessman John Singleton
  • Jade Young, 47, architect and mother of two
  • Yixuan Qing, 24, is a Chinese national studying in Australia
  • Faraz Tahir, 30, a security guard who was killed while protecting shoppers

On Sunday, Kauchi's family condemned his behavior, describing the brutality as “truly horrific”.

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