Are young people giving up their driver’s licenses? “I like to travel by public transport”

Motorists can now travel freely in Brussels. The car free day ended at 7pm. But is driving still popular among young people? Is your license and your first car still a dream at 18?

For a long time, the car was associated with a sense of freedom and autonomy. Fewer young people under the age of 30 are getting a driver’s license today than 10 years ago.

However, for some it is a mandatory step. “At 18, I’m going to start getting my license because that’s what really interests me.“, believes the soon-to-be-adult Francisco.”I consider that important. In this way, we can be free and no longer have to rely on anyone“, Camelia believes.

In some regions, it is necessary to have a license and a car to say: “I am from rural areas and many of my friends who stayed in rural areas have cars“, Philomena explains to us. Matthew, for his part, is not too keen: “I grew up in a small village where there was not much public transport and it ended early. Without a car, we are much less.

However, many young people don’t rush to get their license. They choose smooth motion: “If I have a car, I always prefer to travel by public transport. It’s really cheap when you’re young, I think it’s only 12 euros a year (in Brussels, editor’s note),” exults Samuel.

Driving licenses and cars are still popular, but alternatives are attracting young people.

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