Are you also looking for your ex on social networks?

Stay friends or break up?

According to the IFOP study, 59% of women believe in the possibility of being friends with an ex, compared to 70% of men.. However, in practice, only 33% of women maintain contact, compared to 46% of men. This difference highlights a different approach to separation: women seem more inclined to make a clean break, while men often maintain relationships, even superficial ones.

An ex-partner’s online presence can also cause discomfort, especially for women. 81% of them would be embarrassed to interact with their current partner on social media, a sentiment shared by 69% of men. Having photos of an ex on social networks is a critical issue, condemned by 83% of women and 76% of men.

Jealousy games and spying on exes

The study found that men are more likely to spy on their exes on social media. 53% of women admit to stalking their exes in new relationships, compared to 38% of women. Additionally, 39% of men have created a fake account to spy on their ex, which is less common among women (22%).

Social media is also becoming a field for jealousy games after a breakup. 62% of men post happy stories to make their ex jealous, followed by less than half of women (47%).. Photos that suggest new intimacy are also used differently: 52% of men use them compared to 34% of women.

Red lines and online popularity

Online revenge takes a darker turn, with 40% of men admitting to disparaging their ex on social media to damage their reputation, compared to just 14% of women.. Circulating intimate photos of an ex is another form of revenge, practiced by 38% of men and 14% of women. These behaviors highlight the risks and serious consequences of post-breakup online interactions.

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