Apple is testing a way for app developers to collect subscription discounts

apple Announce a pilot program It’s called “conditional pricing for subscriptions” on Friday that will allow App Store developers to offer discounts to customers with multiple subscriptions. Developers will be able to rely on subscriptions “from one or different developers” as long as both subscriptions remain active, opening up the possibility of partnerships between different companies.

according to 9to5Mac, Discounts can be used in off-app store advertising and marketing, as well as within the app itself.

Pete Hare, Apple’s chief engineering officer, he said in a post on LinkedIn That the company “will handle all eligibility and business checks” and that customers can download and subscribe to promoted apps “in one step directly from email or app store links.” It may take some time before the benefits of the program become widespread, as Apple says it will attract developers over the “coming months.”

In the European Union, where Apple will soon allow third-party app stores, just having a store won’t be enough — Apple will have to make it attractive to developers and customers as well. This means that helping developers get as much money as possible for their efforts and giving them more ways to attract customers is part of that.

Correction December 17, 2023, 2:21 PM ET: The original version of this article stated that the trial version allows developers to compete on subscription prices. In fact, the program only allows developers to offer discounts to customers on active subscriptions when both developers enable the offer. We apologize for this error.

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