Apex Legends is finally getting 120Hz on next-gen consoles in Season 20

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends is finally set to make a long-awaited change for console players in Season 20, as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

It's been five years since Respawn Entertainment first launched Apex Legends and created a huge buzz in the Battle Royale market. In that time, the futuristic Battle Royale game has undergone some changes as the developers introduced a bunch of new maps, new legends, and overhauled some different gameplay features.

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However, while Respawn has made some massive changes, it has also left players hanging for some long-term tweaks.

Some of these, including cross-progression across different platforms, as well as a next-gen update for consoles, have finally been made but others are still pending.

Apex Legends finally gets 120Hz gameplay in Season 20

Well, a few of those things have changed in Season 20, as console players will now get 120Hz gameplay and put it roughly on par with high-end PC users.

This should make things much smoother for those using controllers – especially in gunfights and casting abilities. However, you'll need a top display to take advantage of the 120Hz refresh, so make sure your display can handle it.

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Moreover, there will be a specific change in PlayStation 5 as well. There will be haptic feedback on PS5 pads, including adaptive triggers. So, if you have stumbled upon purchasing one, your purchase will pay off in the end.

Of course, there will be a few bigger changes to the battle royale game overall as well. Rankings are getting another overhaul, armor will no longer be available in ground loot, and there's a new Straight Shot mode.

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Season 20 is looking to be a reboot of the battle royale, especially with the number of players declining in recent seasons. However, who knows if it will ever fully bounce back.

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