Anthony Rendon ‘cannot comment’ on altercation amid MLB investigation

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Anthony Rendon wasn’t very talkative Saturday, two days after video surfaced of a Los Angeles Angels All-Star squeezing an Oakland fan after an Opening Day loss to the Athletics.

“I’m sorry. I can’t comment,” the third baseman told reporters Saturday during a press conference at Oakland Coliseum that lasted less than five minutes.

On Friday, MLB said it was investigating the incident.

Rendon went hitless and struck out two on three batters on Thursday. He left the Angels’ dugout and was on his way to the tunnel to the clubhouse when he stopped and encountered a fan sitting near the fence.

In a 12-second video posted to social media, Rendon grabbed the fan by the jersey through the guardrails and accused fans of calling him a “B—-“. Rendon continues to defy the fan as he denies the claim. Rendon then calls the fan “motherf—er” and takes a quick pass, which does not connect, as he lets go of the jersey and proceeds to leave the area.

“It happens a lot, unfortunately,” said Angels club manager Phil Niven. “It’s not very often we see it. She’ll hear things all the time. She hears a lot. Right now, I don’t want to comment on the incident involving Anthony or anything going on with her.”

When asked why he could not comment, Nevin referred to the ongoing MLB investigation. Nevin said he did not think the situation would be a long-term distraction for his players.

“Right now maybe, but no, I don’t think so,” Nevin said. “The one thing I said all along was we had a great group out there. The only thing I was proud of last year and then continued through the spring was the way you got this team together and brought them together. And they’re all going to stand together now.”

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As Rendon was running around the field for pre-game warm-ups, he was asked about the climate between him and the fans.

“Sorry,” Rendon said, shrugged, and ran away for exercise.

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