An animatronic dragon fire in California’s Disneyland is said to prompt the park to suspend similar effects globally

Disney parks are said to be temporarily suspending similar fire effects globally after an animatronic dragon was engulfed in flames during a live show at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

The incident occurred during the second 30 minutes of “Fantasmic!” Live show Saturday night when the 45-foot long mischievous dragon’s fiery breath spread all over the head and then completely engulfed the body of the prop.

Emergency crews responded at about 11 p.m. Anaheim fire and rescue engines, trucks and ambulances arrived, as well as an engine from the Orange County Fire Service.

Crews put out the fire with the help of Disneyland’s firefighting team.

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Disneyland’s Maleficent explodes in flames on Tom Sawyer Island. (LearnThisBiz / TMX / Fox News)

“All cast members have been safely evacuated from Tom Sawyer Island,” Disneyland officials said in a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. “Due to the smoke and wind, tourist spots near the island have been safely evacuated of any guests. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.”

“We are temporarily suspending fire effects similar to those used in Phantasmique at Disneyland Park at select shows and entertainment experiences globally out of an abundance of caution following the Disneyland Park fantasy prop fire,” officials said. “The continued safety of our team and guests is of the utmost importance.”

The Washington Post quoted a spokesperson for Anaheim Fire and Rescue in its report that six cast members were treated for smoke inhalation.

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According to the Anaheim Police Department, the cast members were treated for smoke inhalation and released that same night. The Hollywood Reporter said no guests or firefighters were injured.

Disneyland's Maleficent Dragon is on fire

Disneyland Maleficent Dragon is burning. (Ryan Lux via Storyful/Fox News)

The massive Disney prop exploded in flames during the live “Fantastic!” Displays

Anaheim Police Sergeant. Fire investigators responded to the scene, John McClintock told The Hollywood Reporter, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Fox News Digital reached out to Disneyland on Sunday and again on Monday.

Ryan Lux, 28 years old Los Angeles Video Producer and holder of an annual season pass, he described to the Los Angeles Times seeing a “giant fireball” on Tom Sawyer Island, while crowds watched from the banks of the Rivers of America around New Orleans Square. and Frontierland were kept out of the area. Videos circulating on social media recorded an announcement telling guests that the show could not go on due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

Disneyland shows a dragon engulfed in flames

The mischievous dragon during “Imagination!” Show at Disneyland blazing. (Reuters/Tim Torensk/Reuters Photo)

As the show nears its climax, Mickey Mouse, in a red cloak and wizard’s hat, is surrounded by lights, water, and fog in battle against a massive animatronic dragon. One guest, 23-year-old Veronica Marie, described to The Washington Post Mickey remarking, “This is my dream!” before the fire-breathing prop exploded. Soon Mickey left the runway.

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“I just remember looking at Maleficent and thinking, ‘That’s not right,’” Mary said. “Like, it’s the cool part of the show, but it just doesn’t feel right. Then I went, “Oh, no, this is definitely on fire, not intended.”

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She added, “I got a good look at the dragon and I went, ‘Well, if Mickey leaves, I guess I’ll go too'”.

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