An alternate uniform for the “Winter Warrior” has been revealed, featuring white helmets

The Winter Warrior will join The Vikings Classic as Minnesota’s alternate uniform permitted by the NFL.

“We are one of 32 teams, we can all create alternate jerseys and other teams Do “We have white shirts,” Dreyer admitted. “So we wanted to create something that we could uniquely own, and that was just the Minnesota Vikings.”

The Winter Warrior uniform features a number of design elements inspired by ancient Viking culture and Nordic climates, including a cool-toned color palette and subtle variations on the standard jersey numbers.

“By removing the gold from the uniforms, we removed all the warmth,” Ramacher explained. “Not only has the metallic gray color taken its place, it’s become the star of the show. It’s a nod to ancient Viking armor, as well as to ice. In addition to supporting the ice theme, the numbers feature ‘falling ice’ accents that are a unique twist on our existing SKOL lines. “We took a similar curved shape from our original number set but rounded it down to simulate the look of ice drops, supported by the metallic gray outline.”

Also unique is the helmet’s all-new finish, which was developed in close collaboration with the Vikings, NFL and Riddell. A metal strip was added to the center of the helmet as a modern interpretation of the riveted metal strips used on early combat helmets.

The Vikings design team asked themselves how best to emulate the idea of ​​a “modern Viking”, as well as embrace the frozen north.

It was also necessary to stay within NFL guidelines that dictate a team should not introduce a new color to its club’s existing scheme.

The Vikings uniforms over the years have always featured a combination of purple, gold, and white; Since the team’s original uniforms and the alternate The Vikings Classic uniforms used a gray face mask, however, metallic gray could be incorporated into the new Winter Warrior uniforms.

Two additional details include the VIKINGS script logo on the chest of the shirt written in SKOL font, a pivot from the original Vikings script that was traditionally used, and an embroidered Nordic knot design on the back neckline.

A Nordic pattern was initially added in 2016 to the inner neckline, but Dreyer and Ramacher wanted to make the detail more visible to fans. The revised knot design includes three shields that reference O’Connell’s motto: “Our Way. Our Team. Our Process.”

“It’s been a really amazing process over the last two years with the NFL and Nike,” Dreyer said. “It’s so cool and fun to finally see it come to life. Going from this initial PDF with just ice concepts and playing with different materials and finishes, to actually being able to show this to our fans and wear it for [an upcoming] The game is very exciting. “I know people have been begging for this white helmet, so to share it with everyone is incredible.”

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Looking ahead to the 2024 season and beyond, she looks forward to seeing how Winter Warrior adds to the Vikings’ long-standing legacy.

“Like Viking warriors, Minnesotans are battle-tested, resilient and tough,” Ramacher said. “Not only do we associate ourselves with harsh, cold winters, but we embrace them and any challenges that come our way. We adapt and overcome without ever losing sight of our purpose. These uniforms truly celebrate Minnesota and Nordic Viking culture.”

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