Algeria has banned the use of Moroccan ports

Algeria is not going to warm its diplomatic relations with Morocco. By the Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (ABEF), it has decided to “deny any citizenship procedure for contracts of transport for transshipment/transportation through Moroccan ports”. “Furthermore and before any immigration, it is necessary to call your relevant services to confirm with the economic operators that the transshipment/transit will not take place through Moroccan ports,” ABEF's letter classified “confidential” states.

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The decision was taken following a meeting of the Algerian High Security Council, chaired by Abdelmadjid Debon, which was “dedicated to examining the general situation in the country and the security situation in relation to neighboring countries and the Sahel”. In a press release, “The High Security Council expressed its regret over the hostile actions against Algeria, emanating from a fraternal Arab country in the region”. Morocco, the “enemy” she sees everywhere, will surely be the country to make fresh accusations against Algeria.

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