Air quality, physical work or photovoltaic panels: the sands of the Sahara leave traces of its path here.

In cars, photovoltaic panels etc. You may have noticed that an exceptional amount of dust from the Sahara makes its way to Western Europe and thus to us. A phenomenon that also has consequences for air quality.

Fine films of dust from the Sahara have coated the country and cars. To remove them without causing damage, cleaning expert Mark Henry recommends washing them first at high pressure: “Rinse thoroughly first to remove all of these particles that only cause scratches on bodywork.”

For your photovoltaic panels, you need to let the rain do its job, explain some installers. Arbi Aliyev, who performs this function, believes that this is not enough. He recommends cleaning them as soon as possible, either by yourself or by calling in the professionals. “If they're dirty, less light passes through the glass, so it's less productive,” he explains.

The European Copernicus Observatory has warned that these particles are harmful to air quality. But at the moment there is nothing to worry about, according to Philippe Mattes, scientific collaborator of the regional environmental division: “In the immediate future, there is no risk to the population in this regard, which is currently measured in monitoring stations. Belgium.”

In some parts of Europe, concentrations are expected to continue to rise in the coming days. Competent bodies are monitoring the development of the situation in Belgium.

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