After two weeks of conflict in Ukraine, the Russians are in a state of panic and despair

In Moscow, narrow liberal circles opposed to military intervention know that they must be careful. The authorities accept their story to persuade the majority to continue.

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ELena does not want this to be the end. “However, with the conflict in Ukraine, this is a part of my life, it is collapsing in Moscow …”, this mother says with tears in her apartment. The financial analyst, who works for a Russian subsidiary of a Western company, represents the edge of liberal Russia, which has long opposed Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. Dynamic isolation, she usually had the verb loud and clear resistance. “But now you have to be careful with the words you use, including the internet. Getting information from the public television campaign becomes more and more difficult, “Elena explains,” She is grateful for the help of her boss but with a heavy heart, preparing to leave Russia with her little daughter, “my own country”

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