After the Israeli bombing of a camp for displaced people in Rafah, the UN The Security Council is meeting urgently on Tuesday.

“I was moved fourteen times, including seven times between Rafah and Khan Yunis. With my family, we left Rafah two days after the occupation army invaded. [israélienne], not knowing where to go. We had a hard time finding an empty spot to pitch our tent. We are now in al-Jawaida, in the center of the Gaza Strip, ten people in a small tent, where we eat, cook, sleep … The situation is very difficult, infections spread quickly. According to the Israeli military, the area is supposed to be safe; In fact, there are no safe zones, and last week there was a bombing near where we are [le 21 mai]. As the Rafah terminal is closed, there is no help and we are forced to buy our food; The price has doubled. I worry about my younger brothers who spent a year without school. I feel like our lives are worthless and no one cares. We die, we survive, and in the end we are just numbers. We are still alive, but our lives are over, our memories erased, and our future unknown in this genocidal war. »

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