After a long hiatus, Eric Zemmour comes out of silence and explains the reasons for his failure

Here’s Eric Gemmer again. After suffering a crushing defeat in the presidential election and a setback in the ensuing legislative elections, the leader of the Reconquer! He stayed away from all media.

But now he has kept quiet by giving an interview to BPMTV. In it, Eric Zemmour returns to the reasons for his failure. “Campaign themes are of no interest to the media or the public.”, says the politician, who believes the war in Ukraine has completely turned the countryside upside down. There is the latter “Gone to Another Universe” As the conflict begins, he says.

If he justifies his low score in the presidential election (7%) because of this key reason, Eric Zemmour recognizes that it is not the only thing at play. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t mistakes here and there.“, he admitted, admitting that he had written a lot over the summer “To understand what happened”.

Finally, Reconquest Leader! Be very sure. “I thought about it, I thought about stopping, and then I said to myself: I didn’t come into politics to get a job or lead a party. I threw myself into the water to try to prevent a planned disappearance from France.” Before adding: I was wrong in the election, but in terms of history, I was right. I said to myself: Only you can fight this fight.

Note that Eric Zemmour returned to the controversial comments of Sekolene Royale, who questioned the war crimes in Ukraine.Fran├žois Hollande’s ex-girlfriend finally apologized this Saturday!) for his part the essayist came to his defense: “He’s brave enough not to accept the discourse imposed by the media, and I do. There is a taxa imposed by the media, and people like Segoline Royal and I, we challenge it.

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