Adele stops her Las Vegas show to ask security to leave a fan alone


Adele stopped her show Saturday night in Las Vegas for berating a security guard who was “annoying” an audience member.

according to video After posting the incident on social media, Adele was in the middle of singing “Water Under the Bridge” and stopped the music to ask what was going on in the audience with one of the partygoers standing by.

“What’s going on over there with that young fan who’s been so upset since I came over for standing up? What’s going on with him?” she asked.

The singer, who is performing “Weekends With Adele” at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, specifically addressed one audience member: “Yes, you, your hand up, yes you! Raise your hand. You, no you, yes, you with the stick in your hand.” . Yes he is.”

Then I asked the security: what are you doing? Why are you all bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please?”

Then she said to the man, “They won’t bother you anymore, dear. You’re enjoying the show.” And she said to the security again, “Leave him alone.”

Adele briefed the audience on what had happened, saying, “Sorry guys. He’s been disturbed by the whole show by security and other people sitting behind him. He’s here to have fun. You’re all here to have fun.”

Then the “water under the bridge” started again.

Adele isn’t the first artist to notice that the security guard was a bit stiff. In May, Taylor Swift yelled at security during a show, and yelled at a female fan, “She’s OK!” and “You weren’t doing anything!”

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