Adele might be the coolest class mom ever

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Rich Paul and Adele in November.


The desire to care and give is strong in Adele.

From offering advice to up-and-coming singers to being a “class mom” for her 11-year-old son’s school, the star, who doesn’t live a normal life, seems pretty normal when it comes to wanting to serve others. .

This is shown in Her latest interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

As the recipient of The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment Sherri Lansing Leadership Award, Adele could have been forgiven for showing off her muscle.

Instead, she seemed humbled when reminded that past honorees include Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand and Viola Davis.

“I’ve always been in great company, all the music stuff and everything like that, but this is a little out of my depth,” she said.

“But no, it’s the craziest list of past winners,” Adele continued. “And also, I really knew who Sherri Lansing was. For her to even look at me in any way is kind of funny.”

Now she’s settled in Los Angeles among other famous people as well, and told the publication she’s managed to find a friend group that just so happens to include other moms.

This is important for a woman who took the time to prepare 60 chicken kebabs for her child’s class. Her involvement in her son’s school prompted Adele to say, “I’m a little prosperous.”

“Now there are a lot of things his school does more than most, with a community atmosphere, which is great. “The kids don’t care,” she said. “The kids don’t care who I am. I don’t feel insecure, but I feel nervous when I’m around a lot of adults and strangers that I don’t know. So making food for school events is my dream.

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Adele provides the same kind of sponsorship to up-and-coming artists, she said.

“I won’t say who they are — I see a lot of girls and up-and-coming singers, and I reach out to them because no one has ever done that to me before, given me any advice or any secret nuggets. Truth or tricks on how to survive it in any way,” she said. “So I hang out with them and we drink some wine and I talk to them.”

“Wine Down with Adele” is the show we want to watch. Bonus points if her partner, star agent Rich Paul, serves as her boyfriend.

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