According to Peruvian police, the young woman may have died in an accident

On September 21 the body of Natacha de Crombroek was found by three fishermen in the Colca River in Huambo. Although several hypotheses have been considered as to the cause of death, the young woman may have died following an accident. Anyway, that’s what the police are saying, according to Peruvian newspaper “La Repubblica”.


According to the medical examiner, Danny Hampier Molina, Natasha suffered a violent blow to the frontal part of the skull that would have caused her death. “You have to consider three things: First, there is a scavenger fauna in the area. That’s why his whole body wasn’t found,” he told Panorama.

He said soft water breaks down bone tissue faster and that may be the reason for his body’s condition. “He ended up between the rocks and under the water. Due to the force of the water, it was badly damaged,” the expert said.

This weekend, the Peruvian newspaper “La Rep├║blica” reported that Natacha’s parents could now remove their daughter’s remains from the mortuary in Arequipa, cremate them and take the ashes back to their country.

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