Aaron Rodgers responds to Joe Namath and tells Jets to ‘grow up’

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Aaron Rodgers isn’t on the court, but he’s still playing wiseguy and referring to the New York Jets as “we” and “us.”

The Jets have lost two games since the four-time MVP’s season ended in Week 1 when he tore his Achilles tendon. Rodgers’ backup, Zach Wilson, has drawn ire with his poor play, especially from popular quarterback Joe Namath.

Rodgers mentored fantasy football coach Ted Lasso, known for his inspiration and positivity, through Tuesday appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show”. He encouraged his team to stick together to get through the negativity and perhaps took a subtle jab at the Jets legend.

“You have to find a way to block out some of that. Obviously you’ll hear about it or someone will text you or you might see something, or a conversation about it,” he said. “When you’re at a high altitude, you can’t get into it too much, just as when the whole world feels like it’s crashing down on you, you can’t get into it too much. …

“I said that to them in pre-season. The hardest job we have is dealing with success, and that is whether we are having success or not. It doesn’t mean you win all the time, you have to deal with it the right way. “When we are not having success. How do we respond? How do we respond in adversity? This applies to our fan base and former players as well. “You’re not helping the cause.”

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The Jets, who signed quarterback Trevor Siemian on Tuesday, were, according to multiple reports, clearly confused by his lack of success. In New York’s home loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, Running back Michael Carter was seen on the sideline chewing out his position coachTaylor Embry.

Rodgers called on his team to take a breath and support each other. He noted that the Jets went 1-2 last year before Wilson resumed control of the quarterback. New York then embarked on a 5-1 stretch, which included wins over Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

“This is what teams have to go through,” Rodgers said. “There are tough points in every season.” “This year, it’s happening early and people are coming for us. There’s some heated conversations on the sidelines and different things. I think we need to keep our balance a little better, really just offensively. We need to not have some of those ‘things happening on the sidelines.’ And to be a little better, just be a little better competitor. We have to understand that this is part of it. “It won’t always be pretty, the most important thing is to win.”

He pointed to how his former team rallied from a 17-0 deficit last week to beat the New Orleans Saints as proof that winning doesn’t have to be pretty. He also referenced last week’s big upset — the Arizona Cardinals upending the Dallas Cowboys — by saying that anyone can win at any time.

“It doesn’t matter (expletive). It’s like you’re winning the game, that’s the most important thing,” he said. “However, you’ve got to get it done. I think there’s been a lot of little side conversations and we just need to grow a little bit on the offensive and lock in and do our job, everybody and not point fingers at each other. That’s everybody. Don’t point fingers at each other.” Coaching staff, don’t point fingers at each other. Just get back to work and get the job done.”

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“It sucks not being there,” Rodgers said, noting that if he were healthy, the team might be in a different situation.

“It’s really difficult,” he said. “I miss the players. I miss the chance to lead, I miss the ball and the competition. I feel like if I had been there, some of those things wouldn’t have happened, and I’m not sure we would have won 3-0. I know that. I’d like to think there’s potential for that.”

But Rodgers acknowledged the circumstances and said he hopes the offense swings to match the defense’s productivity.

“We have to understand the importance of visibility and what we put out into the world,” he said. “We also have to be realistic as well. We don’t live in this rose-colored glasses world either. We’re 1-2. We’ve been a tough couple. … Let’s stay behind our guys. Let’s support our guys. Let’s support the boys on the field, let’s stick to our guys and let’s stick with it.” With a little confidence.”

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