A young Joker was killed by a bear in Italy

Italian media reports a dramatic news event in Italy’s Trentino region on Wednesday. A 26-year-old Joker was mauled by a bear and succumbed to his injuries.

Andrea Babi ran into the forest surrounding her village on Wednesday but did not return, leaving her family worried. He alerted the emergency services and a few hours later, at night, they found the young man’s body. He had deep wounds on his neck, arms and stomach.

An autopsy was performed and according to the results of the tests, Andrea’s injuries were caused by a bear. Plantigrade must be diagnosed by DNA testing. If found he can be euthanized, which is protected by the WWF. “Removing this person reduces the risks of new similar incidents and improves people’s social acceptance towards hope”Noting that it stands against the systematic slaughter of male-attacking bears, the organization announced.

Baby gets surprised by bear while riding and reacts in the best way (VIDEO)

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