A woman goes into labor during the Pink concert in Fenway Park, goes to the hospital and gives birth

BOSTON — A Pink fan from upstate New York welcomed a baby boy after he went into labor during the singer’s concert in Fenway Park on Aug. 1.

Angela Mercer, her sister-in-law, and her mother traveled from Albany to the concert to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Shortly after arriving on the show, Mercer, who was 31 weeks pregnant, began having contractions and called her doctor.

“She called me back when we looked at our seats and said I thought this was more of Braxton Hicks and going to the hospital,” Angela told WBZ-TV.

Easier said than done, facing the crowds coming in for the show. Mercer and her family walked to Brigham and Women’s Hospital from Fenway Park.

“Uber and Lyft, we ordered one of each, and it wouldn’t get us there, so I decided we had to walk, because the baby was my seat and I knew that,” Mercer said. “I was so worried because he was in distress. You don’t know what’s going on out there.”

Abe Ice was at home in New York having no idea what was going on. He was last heard from his wife while she was being taken to Brigham and Women’s for a caesarean section.

“She started shrinking and was in a lot of pain and I kind of dropped the phone,” Ace Mercer told WBZ. “I could hear the baby’s heartbeat in the background and the nurses saying ‘Okay, there’s a heartbeat’ and there was a lot of commotion.”

Angela and Eisen Hart Mercer

Angela Mercer

Mercer gave birth to her son, whom she named Aisin Hart. He was born on his grandmother’s birthday.

“The doctors don’t have any major concerns. It’s amazing. It was so early; a lot of things could have gone wrong. We’re so well off and so happy,” Angela said.

Aycen Hart is now in the NICU at a hospital in Albany.

Angela and Ace express their gratitude for the “extraordinary team” at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“The clinical, case management, and social work staff confidently guided us with their knowledge and expertise, all while being personable, empathetic, and engaging. We sincerely appreciate,” said Mercer.

While Mercer and her family missed the concert, they said they ended up receiving the greatest gift of all.

They happily look forward to checking out the rain on Pink.

“We need to reschedule! When is her next tour,” Angela said.

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