A woman for the first time in the DRC, Hadja Lahbib departs: here are the new Belgian diplomats and ambassadors

First, a woman to hold the post of ambassador to the DRC (Congo). Roxanne of Bilderling. After entering Belgian diplomacy in 2000 and working as a translator and teacher of French and foreign languages, Roxanne de Bilderling took up the post of Belgian ambassador in Tokyo last year. This is his second appointment as Ambassador, after serving in Nairobi, Kenya. Arriving at the embassy in Kinshasa, Roxanne de Bilderling discovered the Congo and Africa, where she served for most of her diplomatic career.

Roxanne de Bilderling is a woman serving as Ambassador to the Congo. ©Belga

A new ambassador has been appointed to Iran, where an uproar has been brewing since the death of young Mahza Amini after his arrest. The morality police, now abolished. This is Michael Malherbe, is currently Director of Foreign Staff at the Foreign Affairs Department of the FPS. But before that, Michel Malherbe held several diplomatic posts around the world, including Consul General in Hong Kong, Belgian Ambassador to Beijing and Ankara.

In Tehran, Michael Malherbe will also be responsible for advancing filesOliver VandecastelThis Belgian humanitarian worker was imprisoned in Iran for nine months “without any valid reason to be legally held,” according to the Belgian Embassy.

Another notable fact in the diplomatic movement this year: Hadja Lahbib’s chief of staff left for Tokyo, where he will occupy the post of Belgian ambassador. Antoine Evrat, who was Special Diplomatic Adviser to Charles Michel when he was Prime Minister, received a third post as Belgian Ambassador Abroad after occupying Mexico and Belize. Antoine Evrard was, before that, First Secretary of the Belgian Embassy in Iran and Counselor in Morocco.

Antoine Evrat.
Antoine Evrard, among others, has already been ambassador to Mexico. ©Belga

Hadja Lahbib took his party card and he officially became MR

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Here is a complete list of job changes in Belgian diplomacy:


Greece: Marc Calcone becomes ambassador Athens

Romania: Jean Garnet d’Elsius becomes ambassador Bucharest

Hungary: Jeroen Vergilan becomes ambassador Budapest

Netherlands: Oliver Bell becomes ambassador Hack

Norway: John Bayard becomes ambassador Oslo

Czech Republic: Jürgen van Meierwenne becomes ambassador Prague

Croatia: William de Bates becomes ambassador Zagreb


Ivory Coast: Carol Van Eyl becomes ambassador Abidjan

Nigeria: Peter Lienknecht becomes ambassador Abuja

Mali: Eric de Meyer becomes ambassador PMK

Uganda: Hugues Chantry becomes ambassador Kampala

Burundi: Michael Wimmer becomes ambassador Bujumbura

Benin: Sandrine Plato becomes ambassador Godonov

Senegal: Hélène de Bocque becomes ambassador Dhaka

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Roxanne de Bilderling becomes ambassador Kinshasa

Angola: Stephane Topagne becomes ambassador Luanda

Niger: Patrick Deboke becomes ambassador Niami

Middle East

Kuwait: Christian Toomes becomes ambassador Kuwait City

Iran: Michael Malherbe becomes ambassador Tehran


Hong Kong: Wim Peters becomes Consul General Guangzhou

Taiwan: Mathieu Branders becomes director of the “Belgian office”. Taipei

Japan: Antoine Evrat becomes ambassador Tokyo


Jamaica: Ellen de Geest becomes ambassador Kingston

United States: Sophie Hotad sworn in as Consul General Los Angeles

Panama: Daniel Bertrand becomes ambassador Panama City

Brazil: Caroline Mouchard sworn in as Consul General Rio de Janeiro and Valentine Eat Consul General at Bye Paulo

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