A UN expert who has spoken of a “genocide” in Gaza says he is receiving “threats”.

Francesca Albanese, UN “reasonable” Israel has done much to believe “acts of genocide” In Gaza, Wednesday March 27 was said to have been received “Threat”. He assures that he does not want to resign. “I'm not saying it's good.” And “I get threats sometimes, but no extra precautions needed so far”, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, released its latest report on Monday. Follow our live stream.

The Hamas health ministry said 32,490 people had died in the Gaza Strip. In 24 hours, 76 additional deaths were reported, according to a ministry press release, bringing the total to 74,889 since the start of the war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Movement on October 7.

Civilian found dead in Israel in building hit from Lebanon. Israeli rescuers from the Magen David Adom organization said Wednesday that he was found in the north of the country. In social network. Victim A “25 years old worker”, non-resident of the city. Lebanon's Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas, fired rockets into northern Israel in retaliation for the overnight bombardment. In Habaria (Lebanon) He killed seven people “Rescuers”.

Despite calls for a ceasefire, shelling continues in the Rafah sector. There were explosions above Rafah during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The city on the southern tip of Gaza is home to nearly 1.5 million Palestinians, most displaced by the conflict.

According to Hamas, three people were killed and 12 wounded in overnight Israeli attacks. The Hamas Health Ministry announced new casualties in the Rafah sector early Wednesday.

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