A stranger pays for a customer’s shopping in Aldi, France: “We never saw that!”

Last Friday, War Madin reported that customers at the Aldi Store in Trans-en-Provence, France, enjoyed a very special moment. Two customers have truly trusted the French newspaper that they paid for the purchase without a “generous stranger” asking them anything.

On their way to the store’s checkouts that day after shopping, Magali and Yan noticed a woman “probably forty years old, wearing large sunglasses” walking around the checkout, and the line of address of the person opposite them. But both customers did not understand what was going on until the time came to pay for their purchases. “When we put in the last item, the lady approaches us and asks if we don’t care if they pay for our shopping,” Magali told War Mat.

Stunned, the young woman wants to refuse, but the mysterious stranger takes her card straight away, throws it to the couple and shoots for 123 euros: “You’ll have fun the other way around!”. “We were stupid […] We never saw it. “And the stranger shopped generously back to the next customer who came out of the supermarket with tears in his eyes.

“Making a certain amount of money”, the stranger wearing sunglasses wanted to “please those around him”. It won!

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