A strange bug in Spider-Man 2 turns Spidey into a crime-fighting tofu cube

published: 2023-10-22T09:01:07

Updated: 2023-10-22T09:01:19

Spider-Man 2 players have discovered a bug that turns the web-slinging superhero into a white, tofu-like cube.

Insomniac exceeded players’ inflated expectations with its 2023 release Spider-Man 2. Although some fans were upset about the ending, it was highly praised for its innovative new gameplay and fresh feel.

The game builds on the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, with the same iconic storytelling style as Sony’s exclusive games, but this time with villains like Venom and Kraven the Hunter.

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The 2020 release of Miles Morales was also hailed by fans and players alike as one of the best Marvel games, however, it wasn’t without its bugs – including one that would turn players into random creatures.

Now, it appears that the transformation bug has moved from Miles Morales to Spider-Man 2 as a player shared a clip of Spider-Man sliding between buildings in the shape of a tofu cube.

Spider-Man 2 features an unexpected “tofu cube” suit

One player immediately rushed to social media to post footage of Spider-Man turning into a random white block: “I ran into this bug where almost all of my suits became invisible and turned Spider-Man into a white cube HELPPPPP.”

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However, they were shocked to discover that they were not the only player experiencing this problem, and that a similar bug existed in Spider-Man: Miles Morales:

“I swear Miles Morales’ game has the exact same glitch, but you’ll turn into all kinds of stuff and shit.”

While Marvel fans laughed and tried to pinpoint what a white cube looked like, a “tofu cube” or a “virtual blender cube,” others found new hope blossoming in Spider-Man 2’s new game mode: “So you’re saying it was totally possible to play Find About the elements in a Spider-Man game…this has to be something.”

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Despite this, players weren’t really bothered by the bug and found it a source of amusement in a game that many believe outperforms its predecessors with the 19 exciting, iconic characters that appear in the game.

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