A Starfield pilot proves that fast travel isn’t necessary after a 7-hour trip to Pluto

published: 2023-09-03T20:18:58

Updated: 2023-09-03T20:19:11

Video game writer and content creator Alana Pearce set out to prove that it’s possible to travel from planet to planet without fast travel, flying for 7 hours straight before finally arriving at Pluto.

The world of Starfield is vast, with many secrets waiting for players to discover. People have really put in a lot of effort when it comes to fully exploring the map.

However, many players had complaints when it came to the way the traversal worked. Although some have discovered that it is possible to fast travel without seeing the menu, players are still distressed by Starfield’s reliance on the mechanic to get from one place to another.

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And so, video game writer and content creator Alana Pearce devised a plan to find out whether or not fast travel is actually necessary to reach planets. After traveling to Pluto, it set a course for the planet and flew in a straight line for about 7 hours to see if it was really possible to make landfall.

Alanah Pearce proves you don’t need to fast travel in Starfield

Pierce knew that flying to a planet and crossing thousands of kilometers would take a very long time. So, she instead The broadcast started right before bed And turn it into an experience.

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After planning the course, she went to bed and let her ship fly. Even though she had to get up and find a solution to turn off her controller automatically, it took about 7 hours overall until she reached her destination.

And the, While I did Technically go thereshe was completely unable to land and walk around.

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Pluto began to look less like a planet as it got closer, losing its subtle texture as it got closer than the developers intended.

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Once she reached the planet itself, she moved through it. In the blink of an eye, it seemed as if she was back in the open space again.

The ending is a bit disappointing for her long journey, but at least it proves that flying to a planet is what it is maybe. It also demonstrated that Battlegrounds places players directly in the solar system rather than a small playing area that creates an illusion of space to trick players.

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Alanah left her ship on a direct path toward the sun for another 5 hours, only to return and discover that it had not moved even a noticeable amount on the map. The world of Starfield is really big, which shows how huge the game is. Even if a lot of that space is empty.

Although it’s not yet possible to fly directly to a planet and land on it, who knows what will happen when modders change the game?

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