A Spanish woman becomes a symbol of the fight for gender equality after receiving compensation for 25 years of domestic work.

Ivana Morales has won a court battle in Spain. At the age of 48, this Andalusian received 204,000 euros in compensation from her ex-husband, for 25 years she devoted exclusively to her home.

At the end of the marriage, Ivana abandons her studies and becomes a stay-at-home mother while her husband pursues a successful career. He makes money quickly, opens several sports halls and invests in a farm. While strolling along the beach in Torre del Mar, where she lives, Ivana tells us about that year of sacrifice. “It was very difficult for me. I was at home. I cooked and did housework. I took the girls to school and to the doctor. I took care of them completely. My husband did nothing.

This woman describes years of loneliness and economic dependence. “I had to constantly beg him to buy groceries or pay for the girls’ activities. I got to work as a volunteer at my ex-husband’s gym“, she relates.

In 2020, the couple divorced. Marrying under the division of the property rights regime, Ivana finds herself left with almost nothing. She decides to fight for all these years of domestic work to be recognized. Justice has been given to him after a long process. Her ex-husband owes her 204,000 euros, the equivalent of 25 years of minimum wage for invisible but very real work. “This is a huge win for me and all the girls!“, Ivana declares victory.”It is a recognition of our invisible work. We were in the shadows, and now they throw “ole” at us, as we say in Andalucia. A few years ago, this result would have been unthinkable!

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