A Russian journalist opposed to the Ukraine war is on trial in Paris for ‘suspected poisoning’

The trial began in Paris on Thursday.”Suspected poisoning“We have learned from a source close to the matter about Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who took refuge in the capital after carrying a sign on Russian state television condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

A Russian journalist living in Paris called for help after feeling unwell while leaving his home in the 6th arrondissement this afternoon (Thursday).“and say”Fear is poison. She asked to be taken to the hospital“, the prosecutor told AFP.

According to the prosecution, the first tests and investigations were underway by the end of the day. According to a second source close to the matter, Marina Ovsyannikova said she was poisoned by the Russians. An investigation was launched and samples were taken from his home.

A third source close to the matter insisted “At this point, there is no element“Doesn’t make it possible to authorize poison.

I fear for my life. When I talk to my friends in Russia, they ask me what I prefer: Novichok, polonium (lethal stuff, editor’s note) or a car accident.“, he said during a press conference in Paris last February.

Marina Ovsianikova left Russia in October 2022.

Last week he was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for criticizing the Russian military. Journalist sued”Spreading false information“The Russian Armed Forces have already been fined for similar actions in August 2022.

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