A previously unreported SMU incident could impact Rushie Rice’s discipline in the NFL

The recent incident involving Chiefs receiver Rashi Rice prompted some in the media to dust off advance draft reports from anonymous scouts who expressed negative opinions about Rice. However, the fact that these opinions have been validated by recent events does not make it right to taint players with the subjective beliefs of those who would benefit from a player slipping and sliding in the draft.

However, there are some objective facts that teams have become aware of that have not been publicly disclosed prior to the draft. These facts could impact the way the NFL handles its current entanglements.

According to multiple sources, multiple teams learned during the pre-draft process of an alleged incident involving Price while at SMU. Rice believed former SMU basketball player Kendrick Davis was seeing Rice’s girlfriend. Rice and some of his friends, according to specific information gathered by at least one team, went to an SMU basketball game. Rice (or someone with him), according to specific information gathered by at least one team, fired several shots into Kendrick Davis’ empty car.

Multiple sources expressed their belief that every team knew about the incident before the draft, including the Chiefs. Kansas City drafted Rice in the second round. He was the 55th overall pick.

The incident was never reported to authorities by SMU. (An SMU spokesperson had no comment on the situation.)

Rice currently faces eight felony charges stemming from a street racing incident in late March. Earlier this week, he was charged with assault at a Dallas-area club after business hours.

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The incident could become NFL-related, if/when discipline is imposed on Rice under the Personal Conduct Policy. The policy states that “[p]Classes with a prior history of misconduct, including misconduct that occurred prior to their association with the NFL, will be subject to enhanced and/or expedited discipline.

Rice had 938 receiving yards in 2023. We’re told the Chiefs are very impressed with his ability to learn the offense quickly and find a way to make significant contributions in his first season in the NFL. They are clearly hoping his behavior off the field will improve after the last two events.

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