A Palworld player explains how Fortnite skills can attract friends

Rory Teal

One player shared a video of themselves defeating a level 45 Jormuntide with similar tactics used in Fortnite, shocking the rest of the community.

Both Fortnite and Palworld are games that rose in popularity shortly after their release thanks to their more casual and cool gameplay.

However, the two are very different in the actual experience and type of game they offer. Fortnite is a battle royale game, and thrives on PvP combat, with an item shop containing many cool skins.

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Or at least people thought there were few similarities between the games before seeing one player using Fortnite strategies to crack a difficult game In the world president.

Palworld Fortnite “Box Battles” Jormuntide player

Single player subscriber The “unique” strategy they used to defeat the Level 45 Yormontide boss, and it shocked the rest of the community.

“This is how I caught the Euromontids,” they said.

The video showed the player using wooden walls and a ceiling to create a chest, similar to how top players fight in Fortnite, to capture Jormuntide's head for free damage. The Palworld community couldn't believe what they were seeing.

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“I have to ask, how did you think about doing this?” one person said. “This was not on purpose,” the player admitted.

“He's surrounded,” another puzzled viewer said, referring to the tactic used in Epic Games' Battle Royale. “It's Fortnite all over again,” agreed another fan.

However, other players expressed concern that this might be an indication of what the rumored PvP feature might look like: “I'm just thinking… when they release PVP for this game, this is what the battles might look like.”

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If Pocketpair decides to incorporate PvP into the game, Dexerto will make sure to keep players updated on the best tactics so you can beat all your friends – and maybe even catch their friends with a radar ball.

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