A Palestinian flag is raised on the field as Morocco celebrates a historic World Cup victory


many players Morocco national team The Palestinian flag was raised on the field while celebrating history world Cup Beat Spain in Qatar on Tuesday.

After a thrilling penalty shootout, Morocco became the first Arab team to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

This is the second time that Moroccan players raise the Palestinian flag after winning a match. Moroccan player Jawad Al Yamak raised the Palestinian flag during his celebration of his country’s 2-1 victory over Canada last week.

Moroccan soccer fans were also seen waving a “Free Palestine” banner during the North African country’s 2-0 win over Belgium in Group E earlier in the tournament.

Regulations issued by FIFA, football’s global governing body, prohibit the use of banners, flags and publications deemed to be of a political, offensive and/or discriminatory nature.

FIFA regulations state that “Promoting or advertising political or religious messages or any other political or religious actions, inside or in the vicinity of the stadium, by any means, before, during and after matches is strictly prohibited”.

Football authorities have occasionally issued fines for displaying the Palestinian flag inside stadiums.

Arabs praised the flag-raising movement on social media, with users from Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia celebrating Morocco’s victory.

Videos on social media also show Palestinians celebrating Morocco’s victory in the streets of several cities in the West Bank and Gaza.

CNN has reached out to FIFA for comment.

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