A New Way to Find Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès: Is It a Simple Copy of John Liszt?

Hundreds of reports, thousands of fines, unsuccessful searches, about fifteen searches, twenty-five interrogations of his entourage, an international warrant for 12 years… and… confusion! Man is always in nature.

However, the story is clear. The Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes affair, also known as the “Nantes Massacre”, was one in five murders. Five members of his family – the mother, Agnes, and her four children, Arthur, Thomas, Anne and Benoit – were killed in their home in Nantes in April 2011.

Reports continue to pour in from all corners of the world. Be it in San Francisco, Thailand…even in the Italy-Spain stand at the Euros. Dupont de Ligonnès has already fooled investigators everywhere, either in good faith or in a “playful” way. XDDL’s crimes may be bloody, but his escape has become a laughing stock.

Why did the Xavier De Ligonnès case so captivate the whole world? “We have all the ingredients for good fiction”

The latest catch is no later than early fall. He was found between Paris and Quimper in the TGV. Of course, the similarity is most striking in this video shot by Theo Maisel, a journalist known for being editor-in-chief of the show “Touch Pass a Mon Post.” We only hear the individual respond to a journalist’s question about his unity, “I don’t have anything anymore,” before laughing wryly. That’s it for all this fuss without legal action.

Guy Joao, the fake Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, is dead

Besides, you have to believe that DGV is cheering. In 2015, a person posed as XDDL. A sixty-year-old man threatened to kill his granddaughter. The suspect was finally apprehended on the train: he had neither a weapon nor a granddaughter. The worst prankster used to make prank calls to the police.

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Ten years later, the Dupont de Ligonnès mystery remains unsolved

Since then, due to lack of concrete elements, this matter has fascinated people, encouraging imaginations and other wrong ways. The most significant of these is undoubtedly the announcement by the Scottish Police that there is a person whose fingerprints match XDDL. It was October 11, 2019, and everyone celebrated the epilogue of the affair, except that, the next day, DNA tests denied everything. A year ago, on January 9, 2018, believers in a monastery reported a monk like him. Bernick: Here too the police action failed. Before that, a certain XXDL sent a letter to the AFP office in Nantes: “I’m still alive.” This letter “Probably a lie”, according to the police. However, investigators consider the file a “living file.” One of his friends is sure of one thing: “He still lives”. The man, who says he considered him his “brother” and traveled with Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, hasn’t heard from him since the tragedy, but he’s convinced his friend is alive. He would not have had the will to commit suicide after that. “Otherwise he would have committed suicide with his family”, he testified in Midi Liber. “A person who speaks many languages ​​fluently without an accent. He could pass for an American without any problem.” This friend, much admired, is sure not to have stayed in France.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes thanks Netflix: his trail is found in America The ghost of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes is still very fascinating: “Our mission, unrealistic, was to find him when we began to investigate”

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Today, we try to move forward by mentioning another worst offender. Is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès a simple copycat? His family has many similarities to a fifth American case. In 1971, the year Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes was in America, a story hit the headlines. Jan Emile Liszt, a devout Protestant, kills members of his family and then disappears to live a new life. The American killed his wife and mother at their home in New Jersey. He was waiting for his two children – aged 16 and 13 – to come home from school to kill them.

After feasting, he goes to his 15-year-old son John’s soccer game and murders him when they get home. He will leave the campus the next day. The man planned everything, cut his face out of all the family photos, and informed his children’s school of a move… The bodies were found a month later. Unlike XDDL at this point, I was finally able to stop it. But 18 years later, in 1989, and by the FBI, under a new identity: Robert Clark, married, living in Virginia. At his trial, he ended up explaining: He didn’t dare tell them he had lost his job.

Will this coincidence help XDDL’s investigators?

The Dupont de Ligonnès Affair: “It’s Not Him”, “Another Wrong Way”, Neighbors and Friends Don’t Believe It

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