A new type of radar will soon appear on the roads

The UK is currently testing a slightly unusual radar. Enhanced with artificial intelligence, it works hand-in-hand with authorities to crack down on all crimes. It works.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just ChatGPT. Police in Cornwall, in the south of England, have begun a trial period with a new type of radar. Security cameras run on AI and cause real carnage. 300 drivers were admitted in three days. Over a thousand after a week.

Installed on a main road, the radar does not allow anything to pass. Manufactured by Australian company AccuSensus, the system has been tested in parts of the country since 2022.


Without going into technical details, just know that escaping the vigilance of these cameras is almost impossible. Simply put, radar scans traffic and records images of vehicles entering its field of view. All of these are of relatively high quality due to high shutter speeds and different filter lenses.

Once the images are recorded, artificial intelligence intervenes. AI examines data, identifies offending drivers and alters images. In the last step, the agents check the violations identified by the system and act to allow the driver.

AI finds a niche in surveillance

The takeaway from all of this is that artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the surveillance industry. He recalled Business Insider, the United Kingdom is also a pioneer of this genre. From May 2023, the country will install AI-powered cameras on highways to detect drivers who throw litter out of windows.

In the same vein, we can cite the cities of Barcelona and New York that use this type of cameras to detect fraudsters. Not forgetting our French neighbour’s plans to introduce facial recognition on its surveillance cameras for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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Clearly, the integration of AI into security systems has not ended the creation of ink. Especially for ethical reasons. In terms of road safety, this improvement could save some lives by making drivers more attentive.

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