A new 'NCIS' spin-off to bring Michael Weatherly back to Cote de Pablo

NCIS Fans, take note: Tifa is back.

Paramount+ announced a new release on Wednesday NCIS A spinoff series starring Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly will begin production this year. The duo played fan favorites Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo in the original crime procedural, which is currently airing its 21st season on CBS.

After years of romantic tension with Tony, Ziva resigned from her position at NCIS during Season 10 but appeared in the first two episodes of Season 11. De Pablo subsequently left the series, and her character was apparently killed in a bombing in Israel. It was revealed in Season 13 – but not before she gave birth to a daughter, Tali, who was fathered by Tony. Weatherly's character left the series after season 13 to care for Tully. However, it was revealed that Ziva survived the explosion in Season 16, and reappeared briefly in the finale of that season and four episodes of Season 17.

According to the description for the new untitled series, “Tony and Ziva are raising their daughter Tali together. When Tony's security company is attacked, they must escape across Europe, try to find out who is after them, and maybe even learn to trust each other again so they can finally find their happiness.” Forever unconventional.”

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Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo on NCIS.

Sonia Fleming/CBS via Getty

“We've been talking about this story for many years, and now with John McNamara at the helm, we're ready,” Weatherly and De Pablo, who will also serve as executive producers alongside John McNamara, said in a statement. “The world promises to be a rollercoaster for Tony and Ziva (and their daughter Tali) Full of action fueled by love, danger, tears and laughter. We also want to express our thanks and appreciation to the fans from all over the world who have supported the “TIVA” movement for years… To this day, they say hello in grocery stores and on the street to tell us how much these characters mean to them and ask… What are Tony and Ziva doing now? This is for you!

De Pablo's on-screen roles since his departure NCIS Include movie 33 and the CBS miniseries Pigeon owners.

Weatherly is also known for playing the lead role in the CBS courtroom drama bullWhich ran from 2016 to 2022. The show witnessed controversy in 2018. When the news broke That star Eliza Dushku accused Weatherly of sexual harassment on set before she was written off the show, and later reached a confidential settlement with the network that paid her $9.5 million.

Weatherly apologized for making “unfunny and inappropriate” jokes and the show was later renewed, a decision that CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl defended by saying Weatherly “admitted that mistake.”

CBS recently announced that NCIS-The verse will also expand backwards with a spin-off about young Gibbs. Mark Harmon, who played Gibbs in the main series, is on board to narrate the show.

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