A multi-front war threatens Israel, which hits Gaza hard

This attack will come from two combined sources. The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Movement in power in Gaza, announced on the fourth day of the war launched by Hamas that it had fired rockets at Haifa, a large coastal city in northern Israel. As the Israeli military continues to bombard the Gaza Strip with missiles and shells, the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah announced earlier in the day that it had fired missiles at Israel, fueling fears in Israel that the Jewish state could see the emergence of a multi-front war. As this version ends, it’s hard to tell if these are limited strikes from Lebanon or if Hezbollah is also preparing to launch a major offensive.

Will Hezbollah open a second front against Israel from Lebanon? “He may be forced to intervene to ease the Gaza front”

Continued and intensive bombing of Gaza

On the Israeli side, Wednesday intensified its strikes, mainly on Gaza. Israeli bombings on Tuesday evening killed at least 30 people, damaging dozens of buildings (450 targets were hit, according to the military) but also factories, mosques, shops and more than 1,000 homes, the UN said.

In the morning, women fled, their children in their arms, through the devastated streets of Gaza amid the rubble of buildings. “It’s like a disaster or an earthquake, it’s from America or Israel, why did they do this to innocent people? [Les IsraĆ©liens] These people came to destroy as unfit to live. Like they’re not human.”, a resident of Gaza’s Karama district, who did not want to give his name, said amid the rubble. The warplanes also bombed an Islamic university linked to Hamas. According to local officials, four Palestinian Red Crescent rescue workers were killed in the strikes.

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Sending Israeli troops to Gaza is a nightmare that affects the public greatly

263,000 people have been displaced by the war

Israel announced the day before its blockade of the Gaza Strip, cutting off water, electricity and food supplies to the 365 km2 territory, home to more than two million people. The UN has lifted the siege of Gaza, where more than 263,000 people have already been displaced by the war. “forbidden” By international humanitarian law. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, describing the massive Hamas attack in the early hours of Saturday, “Barbarism after the Shoah”He promised that his country “Strength, to win with great strength”.

As a direct result of the siege, the territory’s only power plant was forced to close due to fuel shortages, while hospitals without equipment were overwhelmed by the influx of wounded. Balance sheets on both sides continue to increase. By Wednesday evening, the Israeli side had 1,200 dead and over 2,800 wounded. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, 1,055 deaths and 5,100 injuries were reported on the Palestinian side, not counting the bodies of 1,500 Hamas members found by Israeli authorities following Saturday’s attack.

Emergency Government with Opposition

Due to the policies pursued by his government, its apathy and the inability to anticipate an attack of this scale against Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu was finally able to form an emergency government for the duration of the war with the opposition. National Unity Party leader Benny Kants. The said War Cabinet would consist of two people and Defense Minister Yves Gallant. Mr. Five members of Kanz’s party will be named ministers without portfolios, and the defense cabinet will be replaced by another opposition leader, Yair Labit, a former prime minister and head of the centrist Yesh Adid party.

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Hamas attack on Israel: How to respect international law and attack Gaza?

This form of national union also affects people. In all, more than 300,000 soldiers and security personnel were mobilized across the country. Dozens of tanks and military vehicles are stationed along the Gaza border, with the possibility of launching a ground assault on Gaza once the intense phases of the bombing are over.

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