“A miracle”: A taxi travels 600 km to help a nun

It's a fitting story for a Christmas movie in France this week. On Wednesday February 14, taxi drivers in Nantes took action by blocking access to the city's airport. That day, a good sister had to fly to Toulouse to give her kidney to her brother, who was to have a transplant the next day. Unaware of this strike, the good sister missed her flight.

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Moved by her story, the strikers decided to set up a fund to finance the good sister's taxi journey. Mounir, one of the striking taxi drivers, decided to travel the 600 km that separated the nun from her brother. “I went to Toulouse without thinking because his brother was scheduled for the operating room and he was waiting for his sister to come to donate his kidney. He announced to our colleagues France blue. “But it doesn't matter if I don't cover my expenses. We may make gestures from time to time, we are human. Our first objective is to serve the people and then there is the financial aspect,” he added.

Mounir and the nun went to his friend's house in Toulouse around 5:30 p.m. They share a meal together before Mounir heads off in the opposite direction. To the good sister, this gesture “A miracleBecause early Thursday morning she was able to go to the hospital and donate a kidney.

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