A meteor lights up the night sky with a bright green flash over an Australian airport

Queensland, Australia – Stunning video captured at an Australian airport shows a meteor shooting across the night sky over the weekend.

The incident was reported on Saturday, and footage captured by the camera at Cairns Airport in Queensland, Australia, shows the meteor flashing bright green as it lit up the night sky and fell to Earth.

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Local news now reports That people are searching for possible pieces of a meteorite near Croydon, Queensland.

Australian media also quoted astrophysicist Brad Tucker as saying the object was “definitely a meteorite”.

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Tucker estimated that the rock was 1.5 to 3 feet in size and was traveling at about 62,000 to 93,000 miles per hour when it entered Earth’s atmosphere, according to Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

American Meteorite Society Received at least six reports From the fireball seen shooting into the sky in Queensland just before midnight on May 20.

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