A heroic rescue on Everest: A guide carries a climber on his back for six hours | the world

Exhausted, the Malaysian climber climbed Mount Everest and was saved by the bravery of a guide who carried him on his back for nearly six hours.

The man stood on a rope below 7,920 meters, in an area known as the “death zone” because temperatures can drop below -30°C. But he was rescued by a Sherpa accompanying another climber on the Roof of the World route on the border between Nepal and China.

Khelje Sherpa was able to rescue the climber, moving him to an easily accessible surface for rescue. “We wrapped the climber in a sleeping mat and dragged him over the snow or carried him on our backs to a camp at 7,470 meters above sea level, where the rescue helicopter was able to pose,” he explained.

“It’s almost impossible to save climbers at this height,” tourism ministry official Bigyan Koirala told Reuters, calling the operation a “very rare operation.”

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