A freed Israeli hostage warns soldiers against entering Hamas tunnels: “It is a huge danger.”

She met a group of recently released hostages and their relatives Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Galant and the Minister of War Benny Gantz Saturday evening.

Quoted from one of the freed hostages The Times of IsraelConveying the fear that prisoners experience daily and the ongoing trauma they have experienced since their release.

“Every passing day is terrifying. You have no idea what kind of monsters we are dealing with. If they feel threatened, they will use the prisoners. They scared us that the Israeli army would use the prisoners. Directing Hannibal On civilians, so we felt afraid when… [IDF] “The explosions were close,” the unnamed person was quoted as saying, referring to the IDF’s use of heavy fire if a soldier is kidnapped — even at the risk of killing the soldier.

Army spokesman Daniel Hagari shows the entrance to the tunnel that Hamas reportedly used to attack Israel through the Erez border crossing on October 7.

“They were so close that we begged them to take us [from the building in which we were held] In the tunnels [for safety]The subject said before warning the soldiers: “Do not enter the tunnels. They move there in large numbers. It is an enormous danger to the soldiers and hostages.”

The Israeli army confirms an “accident” occurred in a church in Gaza after the patriarch said two Christian women were killed and the monastery was bombed.

These statements come more than two months after Hamas militants stormed southern Israel, killing about 1,200 people and taking dozens of hostages.

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The Israeli attack led to the deaths of more than 18,700 Palestinians every year Ministry of Health run by HamasWhich does not differentiate between combatants and civilians. Israel disputed these numbers.

Hamas released more than 100 of more than 240 hostages captured on October 7 in exchange for the release of dozens of Palestinian prisoners during a brief ceasefire in November. Almost all of those released were women and minors.

Hamas said that no more hostages would be released until the war ended, and that in return it would demand the release of large numbers of Palestinian prisoners, including prominent activists.

According to those who track the Iran-backed group – and the admissions of its leaders – Hamas has built an underground system some 300 miles long that snakes beneath civilian homes, schools, and hospitals in urban areas of the Gaza Strip.

Fox News’ Ruth Marks Eglash contributed to this report.

Original article source: A freed Israeli hostage warns soldiers against entering Hamas tunnels: “It is a huge danger.”

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