A Fox News critic calls Ramaswamy’s proposal “criminally stupid” and “like a freshman’s foreign policy paper.”

Fox News pundit and Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen has blasted Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s foreign policy proposals as “criminally stupid” and “totally incompetent”.

Thiessen took to social media Monday in response condition Ramaswamy wrote with The American Conservative focusing on his handling of the Russo-Ukrainian War and US relations with China.

“This by @VivekGRamaswamy is criminally stupid,” Thiessen wrote in a post on Xformerly known as Twitter, before quoting a line from Ramaswamy’s article.

Like a freshman foreign policy paper. A total exclusion,” Theissen continued.

Theissen chose to quote from Ramaswamy’s article centered on the White House candidate’s pledge to accept Russian control over occupied territories and block Ukraine’s candidacy for NATO, “in exchange for Russia leaving its military alliance with China.” Ramaswamy also said he would end sanctions to bring Russia back into the global market and as a result, “raise Russia’s profile as a strategic check on China’s designs in East Asia.”

In his post, Ramaswamy indicated that he would significantly reduce the international involvement of the United States, writing: “We will no longer be the uncle idiot.” Ramaswamy claimed that the United States “squandered” its chance after the end of the Cold War to remain the world’s sole superpower, allowing Russia and China to work together to threaten the country’s first place.

Ramaswamy said he also plans to visit Moscow as president in 2025 to negotiate terms for ending the war between Russia and Ukraine. Ramaswamy’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine war drew criticism from his GOP rivals during last week’s GOP primary debate when he was the only candidate to raise his hand when moderators asked who would not continue to support Ukraine. Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential candidate, responded to Ramaswamy’s position, saying that he “has no foreign policy and that is clear.”

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in post later On Monday, Thiessen responded to a post from Ramaswamy regarding his stance on Taiwan, writing, “Hour for amateurs. All China hears is: ‘We can invade in 2028’. This is how world wars begin.”

Speaking about Taiwan in his article with The American Conservative, Ramaswamy said he would push for “strategic clarity” on defending US interests in Taiwan, in contrast to the current US policy of strategic ambiguity.

China considers Taiwan, a self-governing democracy, part of its sovereign territory and seeks reunification of the island.

The Hill has reached out to Ramaswamy’s campaign for comment.

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